Numerous integrated functionalities

Production Management

Optimize your costs and cycle times with XT ERP’s production management, whether you manufacture in bulk or by the piece, thanks to an interactive schedule and mobile data entry on the shop floor

Management by the job

Track the profitability, expenses, and revenues of a business, and generate the corresponding supplier orders

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory efficiently with mobile receiving, barcode labels for inventory and automatic restocking calculations.

Maintenance and intervention management

Manage a complete fleet of equipment by scheduling interventions, managing spare parts inventories and invoicing. Make your technicians more efficient by equipping them with a mobile solution

Workshop data entry

Enter and control actual consumption with our flexible and optimized mobile solution

Production planning

Make the best decisions and optimize your workload with a graphical and interactive schedule that can even work without generating production orders

Commercial management

Manage your sales and purchases in the form of fully configurable and fully automated graphic processes, from quotation to production, delivery, and inventory

Quality management

Enregistrez tous les contrôles sur mobiles , automatisez la gestion des pièces défectueuses, éditez des certificats de conformité et analysez les statistiques


Record all interactions (emails, meeting reports…) with your prospects, follow your sales forecasts and the activity of your sales representatives

Workflow management

Customize XT ERP processes and create your own in a fully customizable way

Electronic document management

Store and retrieve documents in XT ERP based on automatic indexing of their content

XT Sheet

Integrate directly and without retyping Excel-based calculations such as quotes, price list updates …

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