Time management, badge reader 

At Adler Technologies, we have been automating time management in companies for more than 20 years and we answer all the problems encountered by Human Resources departments. Our software is equipped with the essential functions for simple and precise management of employee time data daily: time management, planning, activity monitoring, and access control systems.

Time and attendance can be done on many terminals: badge reader, screen, cell phone, fixed phone.

The flexible configuration of our solution allows it to be adapted to very different professions and organizational contexts, in compliance with social law, agreements, and rules specific to each company:

  • Calcul des droits (absences, congés de fractionnement …)
  • Calcul des primes et des heures supplémentaires
  • Annualisation

The software integrates advanced functionalities such as

  • Telework management.
  • Management of schedules
  • Leave management with validation workflows.
  • Decentralized management of anomalies
  • Statistics
  • Customizable dashboards by user
  • Time and attendance on all types of time and attendance media: badge machines, computers, fixed and cell phones.

We work with small and medium-sized companies, as well as international groups, who have shown their confidence in our ability to meet their specific needs and challenges.

The XTIME time management solution can be installed:

  • At our customers’ premises in full web license mode
  • Hosted in SAAS mode (Amazon cloud)

We cultivate a strong relationship with our customers, which allows them to benefit from quality support and new versions of the product as part of the maintenance contract.

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